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iSauna Design Kft. started its sauna manufacturing business in 2004 mainly making infra saunas and Finnish saunas. Our goal was to to spread the culture of home sauna. In a couple of years we have started building of high quality outdoor saunas and sauna houses. Based on long-term diverse experience we are glad to undertake to design, manufacture and fully implement outdoor saunas, wellness sauna houses, sauna terraces and gardens of different styles, sizes and designs. Our business is creating harmonic wellness spaces. Due to the ever changing new demands and the constant changes of function and design we are also changing and developing in our sauna construction business. Our development and our high-standard luxury sauna products has been noticed also by our partners abroad.


Thanks to this on the occasion of our 10th anniversary we were able to create the international iSauna Sauna Manufacture as brand and international trademark. The basic philosophy of iSauna brand is manufacturing and designing high-quality, luxury sauna houses and outdoor saunas with hands and passion of Hungarian professionals.


Let your dream sauna house come true and choose top quality directly from the sauna manufacturer!

Sauna manufacturing in Hungary exclusively with TÜV licensing.

Nemzetközi TÜV Minősítésű szauna gyárás


The iSauna Sauna Manufacture designs and produces premium quality luxury sauna cabins based on customers demands. All this is proven by our international TÜV permit and certification exclusively held by iSauna Design Sauna Manufacture in Hungary: CERTIFICATE NO. MK 69248801



Sauna manufacturing in Hungary exclusively with TÜV iSauna Garden is the combination of luxury, quality, health , functionality and harmony in a single sauna house or wellness room. We are professionals in this business, we like doing it.

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