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Modern comfort sauna house with bath and restroom
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Modern combined sauna house
Sauna house with green roof
Sauna house with bath and restroom
Luxury combined sauna house
Garden sauna house
  • Modern combined sauna house
  • Sauna house with green roof
  • Sauna house with bath and restroom
  • Luxury combined sauna house
  • Garden sauna house

Turn into a higher comfort level


The individual built combined comfort sauna house has all functions you can imagine about a comfort sauna. Infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, steam sauna, Himalayan salt therapy, heated bathroom, heated restroom and a lot of wellness elements which help our relaxing.

Handmade Luxury – sauna house with outstanding comfort


The experts of the iSauna sauna Manufacture make the sauna house and outdoor saunas with outstanding attention, so that our clients always get premium quality. Each element of the comfort sauna house is handmade and contains comfort wellness elements, like:
Infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, steam sauna, Himalayan salt therapy, RGB LED light therapy, heated bath, heated restroom, smartphone app sauna control.

Smartphone app sauna control:

The iSauna Sauna Design pays attention that the sauna provides the true luxurious comfort not only during its use but also before and after.

Thanks to our newest sauna control, the exterior sauna can be controlled via iPhone and smartphones providing the possibility to turn on the sauna from a hundred kilometre distance. The sauna control communicates in 8 languages and controls the infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, combined sauna and steam sauna functions.

Green sauna house on the highest levels


The iSauna Sauna Manufacture takes care of the use of environmentally friendly materials. We don’t use wood which replacement planting weren’t warranted. Our works represent the naturalness and we strive after the harmony of the sauna house and garden sauna with the nature.

The green roof is a perfect choice and it needs a careful preparation and precise realization. It can be a special accessory of real estates, gardens and weekend houses. A green roof provides a unique sauna ambience and helps to assimilate with the nature. During the making of a green roof, we can choose grass, smaller plants, bushes and flowers. An outdoor sauna or sauna house made with green roof is a real jewel of a garden.

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