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Outdoor combined sauna Exclusive Garden
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Combined outdoor sauna
Modern sauna house in mediterranean garden
Modern garden sauna building
Finnish and infrared sauna with Himalayan salt therapy
Modern outdoor sauna
  • Combined outdoor sauna
  • Modern sauna house in mediterranean garden
  • Modern garden sauna building
  • Finnish and infrared sauna with Himalayan salt therapy
  • Modern outdoor sauna

Finnish and infra sauna in a single unit

Who likes the modern design and stylish look, but at the same time pays attention to his/her health since this sauna house includes 4 health preserving features:

- infra sauna

- Finnish sauna

- Steam sauna

- Himalayan salt therapy

It can be ordered with LED background lighting or with a control via smart phone.

An outdoor sauna uniting design and health

What could be better than to spend a high-duality time with your family and friends in your own garden, enjoying all luxury an outdoor combined sauna can provide you.


iSauna outdoor combined saunas provide a perfect outdoor recreation next to a jacuzzi, or a pool, on a terrace or in a garden. The outdoor combined sauna is the „extra elegance“, in which besides the traditional Finnish sauna you can enjoy the steam, the benefits of the infra sauna and the health preserving power of the Himalayain salt therapy.


Why do the combined saunas provide a perfect experience? Because in the combined sauna all family members can find the sauna or wellness therapy feature suiting them the most. Because the effects of the sauna can be increased. The combined sauna relieves stress, slacks off muscles, cleans skin and by deep sweating helps removal of toxins from the body. Besides the benefits if the sauna the custom-made Himalayan salt wall supports breathing and supplies the organism with useful minerals. The outdoor combined sauna is amazing not just in its effects but also visually. The beauty of the original Finnish and Canadian wood, the decor glasses, elegant interior finishing, the underbench lighting all contribute to the beauty of the sauna, while it serves the comfort of the user.


During the design we have taken into consideration that the garden sauna can be used together by families and companies. U-shaped bench allows the users to see each other and communicate easier. The sauna oven is situated in the middle of the sauna house, thus surrounding it everybody can enjoy the benefits of the Finnish sauna equally.


The Exclusive Garden outdoor combined sauna dresses up the garden. Be it on a terrace or a separate place the outdoor combined sauna is a pearl of the garden, this is why it is important to make it in the best, nicest and most demanding design.



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