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Individual sauna house
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Outdoor combined sauna house
Sauna house in classic style
Outdoor sauna with bar
Sauna house with canopy
Combined sauna construction with Himalayan salt
  • Outdoor combined sauna house
  • Sauna house in classic style
  • Outdoor sauna with bar
  • Sauna house with canopy
  • Combined sauna construction with Himalayan salt

Family sauna house wellness in the garden

The iSauna sauna manufacture creates its outdoor saunas, sauna houses upon individual demands. The sauna owners can enjoy the effects of the Finnish sauna, infrared sauna or sauna séances in highest quality.

A combined sauna house is active relaxation for body and soul

One never needed health and relaxation more than nowadays.

The daily work is more stressed, time-consuming and recquires more responsibility than a few generations ago. The iSauna sauna manufacture helps you to promote your health and to share quality time with your family. Meanwhile your soul and body gets cleansed.

A luxurious sauna house placed in the garden can be central point of a family house or social life. An outdoor sauna house is perfect place for family and friend meetings. Be it the detoxication effect of an infrared sauna or the one of a traditional Finnish sauna or the one of a Jacuzzi.

The outdoor sauna is an experience in the garden which combines the luxurious infrared sauna, steam sauna, Himalayan salt therapy and traditional Finnish sauna effects. The effects of a sauna can perfectly be enjoyed by using an outdoor sauna house. Between the sweating baths one can relax under the exclusive roof with comfortable couches, Jacuzzi or bar area.

You can use the effects of the outdoor sauna while listening to your favorite music and taking out your favorite wine from the sauna icebox.

During the outdoor sauna construction we pay attention to the outdoor designing, the materials being used, the perfect insulation, the outdoor surface treatment, the tinning and practicality. Advantage of an individual built sauna is the immediate connection with the garden. It worth to combine an outdoor sauna house with a whirlpool, an immersion barrel or with wellness accessories. A complete outdoor sauna house enables to get under one roof the Jacuzzi, whirlpool, dining area, relax area and the sauna.

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