Individual iSauna Garden outdoor sauna house - design, manufacturing, installation


We present you the four simple component that help you to get your custom-made iSauna sauna house and to make Your and your family’s dreams come true.

01 The venue off the outdoor sauna

It is important both for the look and the operation of the sauna house to match its environment. It is vital to take into consideration the properties of the site. A well functioning sauna house will be only viable in cooperation with its environment.

Sauna house in your own garden

02 Conscious sauna house design and preparation

The possibilities do not set any limits, the functional constriction of the sauna house is determined only by your requirements. We have to know all details to be able to provide you the best tailor-made solution.

Creative outdoor sauna design

03 Making of creative 3D sauna visualizations

Matching the requirements and the properties of the site you need a necessary idea to make the sauna house real. You can rely on us to develop this idea since during our more than 10-years experience we have encountered several challenges.

Building custom-made sauna houses

04 Construction and precise installation of a sauna house

The important thing to make your dreams come true is to make the decision. We provide you all technical, technological and professional knowledge to make this ultimate but most important step.

Premium sauna house in the garden, on the terrace

Individual iSauna

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Make the first step to make your dreams true!

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