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Michael Johnson - 2023


With iSauna Design, it's all about the details. My custom-made sauna house is unique. Everyone who sees it will fall in love with it!

Jacob Anderson - 2023


I designed my infra sauna with iSauna Design and I love every minute of it. The design, the functionality and the whole experience are just amazing.

Olivia Taylor - 2023


The team from iSauna Design answered all my questions and took all my wishes into account when designing my sauna. The result? A true sanctuary in my own garden!

  Sophie Walker - 2023


I always wanted to have my own sauna and iSauna Design made it possible. The whole process - from design to construction - was a first-class service.

Daniel White - 2022


Buying a sauna was a serious investment and iSauna Design has met my expectations in every way. The experience and customer service are second to none.

 Claudia Lehmann - 2022


The sauna houses from iSauna Design are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely functional and comfortable. A new level of sauna experience!

 Tobias Meyer - 2022

My sauna is the jewel of my garden and that is certainly thanks to the masterful work and attention of iSauna Design. Thank you for making my dream come true!

Amelia Martin - 2021


I have always believed that quality is worth the price. All iSauna Design products reflect this philosophy. Our sauna is impressive, both in quality and design.

James Wilson - 2020


iSauna Design paid amazing attention to the smallest details and catered to my every wish. The finished sauna is simply enchanting.

Chloe Davis - 2019


If you are looking for a sauna that combines elegance and functionality, iSauna Design is the best choice. Unique design, first-class quality.

Ethan Lewis - 2019


I never thought I would see such a beautiful sauna in my own garden. The iSauna design has exceeded all my expectations.

Sauna Manufacturing Hungary Tamás Kléner - 2015


 „After a long pondering with our family we decided to choose premium class sauna house Lugano. We like having Finnish sauna in winter along with having a bath in snow, thus the view to our garden through the panoramic glasses of the Lugano sauna house prepares us already in the heat inside for the cooling experience. Thanks to the combined sauna house also our children enjoy the benefits of the built -in infra sauna.“

 Sauna manufacturing Switzerland Thomas Voormann - 2015

 „With my wife we finished renovating the garden of our family house last autumn. We have been working on designing a modern wellness-garden which this year we would like to complete with a combined sauna house. We found the best solution for us at the iSauna Manufaktúra, since they provide a very high value for money and we have found the new minimal style sauna base-board and bench design only by them. The final result has been perfect, our garden has become a real sauna wellness garden. Thank you!“

 Sauna manufacturing Germany Alexander Schulze - 2014

„We had already given up having a family sauna, when we found iSauna sauna manufacturing company. Our apartment has a rather special balcony, where we intended to have a traditional outdoor Finnish sauna built. We have contacted several sauna manufacturers but they had seen no chance to make our sauna feasible. On website saunaherstellung.de we have found the team of iSauna where after reviewing several references we came to conclusion that they do not see anything as impossible. Already during the survey they have come up with such splendid ideas which convinced us that we have made a good choice. A couple of months later on our balcony there was installed a high quality sauna, that we have been using since then."

Sauna manufacturing Hungary Ferenc Pintér - 2014


„Our weekend cottage is at the same time also our second home where we spend the whole summer, but also a part of winter. Despite the sloping terrain we wanted to have a complete wellness sauna house built, which we knew is not an easy task. During the comprehensive site survey and inspection the iSauna staff has informed us fully on the possibilities and conditions of building a sauna house. They have supported our work by providing complete foundation plan and by they precise implementation they have turned the hill slope into a complete wellness terrace.“

Sauna manufacturing Slovakia Alena Kovač - 2014


 „Due to our job we spend a lot of time away from our home, but when we return home we always spend the time relaxing. In October of last year we expanded the garden of our family house with a Finnish sauna house iSauna Garden. Since our sauna house uses the sauna control via smartphone recently developed by the iSauna sauna manufacture, arriving home we do not have to wait until our sauna gets heated up. After an exhausting day during driving home we can switch on our sauna via smartphone even from a distance of several kilometers, and when we get home, our home is waiting for us with a pleasant sweating bath.“

 Sauna manufacturing Austria Alexander Brunner - 2014

 „Next to our garden swimming pool we have planned to build a wellness sauna house with a shower, where after having sauna and a shower we could even plunge into the cool water. We have arranged the garden of our Mediterranean style family house in similar style and the retractable roof of our swimming pool also follows this line. We chose the Delux Family sauna made by iSauna sauna manufacture. With its classic style it perfectly fits into our garden, while featuring the latest sauna technology it represents the modern comfort.”

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