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Congratulations, you are a health-conscious real estate owner, for you have been interested in the unique sauna-wellness manufacturing process. When you are thinking about a wellness project, it is advised to look up the outstanding manufacturers, like iSauna Manufacture, and that’s exactly what you did! We completely understand that you want to keep your family safe and healthy, and hat a wonderful feeling it is when you can do all that in the comfort of your own home! But who is crazy enough to let experts into their home in time of a health care crisis, resp. curfew? If only there would be a safe way to get all your personal questions about your future wellness area answered, instead of general advertisement! For we are living in the 21. Century, right? At least we, the colleagues of the iSauna Design Kft. Are prepared.

Construction of a panoramic sauna house on the roof terrace of Boutique Hotel 11

Let’s plan together! How?


  • Our expert colleague

  • Will virtually (videochat) walk around your home

  • in a safe way

  • and will answer all your questions professionally

  • in an online assessment, together with you

  • completely free of charge

Since all wellness complexes all unique, therefore we strongly advise measuring the area. We would like to provide you and your family with the upmost security and help.


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