Luxury sauna house Lugano
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Luxury sauna house with Himalayan salt
Outdoor sauna house building
Family sauna house design and production
Combined outdoor sauna house premium quality
Garden sauna with pool
  • Luxury sauna house with Himalayan salt
  • Outdoor sauna house building
  • Family sauna house design and production
  • Combined outdoor sauna house premium quality
  • Garden sauna with pool

Luxury panoramic sauna house


For those who would like to turn their yard or terrace into a magic wellness high quality and sophisticated style. The Lugano Luxury Sauna House with its choice of premium quality materials, clear modern shapes, indulging health-saving features could be a part of a wellness garden or terrace.


Luxury finishing, premium sauna experiences

There are house builders and there are architects. They are the artists of construction. There are sauna manufacturers, sauna masters, and there are people that handle sauna manufacturing as an art. iSauna Sauna Manufacture is such a company. We are the artists of sauna manufacturing.


The Lugano outside luxury sauna house is a creation itself. A creation, which combines design with functionality, luxury with comfort and all this in perfect harmony with nature.


The combined sauna house features minimalist design, simple tracing, quality materials, special interior design and large glass surfaces. As a result of the glass walls of the sauna house the sauna area will be airy with perfect views to the beautiful surroundings of the sauna.


Fine tuned functionality appears in the combination of the infra sauna and Finnish sauna. The deep therapy of the infra sauna, the sweating effect of the Finnish sauna and the healing power of Himalayan salt therapy - all in one sauna house. The wide U-shaped benching, the location of the stove, the two entrance doors provide the best usability for its guests.


Luxory is provided by unique design, LED lit floor boards and back-rests, specially wide outer panelling, special lights and by the multi healing power of the sauna stove sorrounded by salt walls. The finely crafted slim bench boards, back-rests and floor boards are attentive themselves, however with the hidden LED lighting it provides a sensation that makes the whole sauna house exciting and more special.


Comfortable sauna use is made possible by the large spaces. Four people can enjoy the infra sauna sitting side by side and a maximum of eight people can use the Finnish sauna. The special benches provide comfortable space for three people to lie on them. Back-rests placed in front of the infra panels provide perfect posture for the body during infra sauna use and the natural, premium quality wood materials pamper our senses further. Since the stove is located at the glass wall in the centre, it can be walked around easily while providing special appearance and it makes a relatively big space inside the cabin.


The Lugano Luxury Sauna House provides a perfect, luxury experience for the friends and family of the quality oriented sauna owners by its compound functionalities and unique, simple and stylish appearance.



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