Luxury wellness sauna house Monaco
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Monaco wellness sauna house
Sauna house with shower and kitchen
Sauna house with combinet sauna pleasures
Luxury sauna house with heated terrace
Wellness premium sauna house
  • Monaco wellness sauna house
  • Sauna house with shower and kitchen
  • Sauna house with combinet sauna pleasures
  • Luxury sauna house with heated terrace
  • Wellness premium sauna house

Family Comfort Luxury Sauna House

Everybody who is fond of real luxury and comfort loves to be far from the madding crowd and enjoys relaxing in a wellness sauna house meeting the highest standards.

The sauna house includes a combined sauna with Finnish sauna, infra sauna, Himalayan salt therapy, dressing room and shower cabin, resting terrace with dining facility.


Satisfying all demands of family sauna and wellness

The luxury and glitter in Monaco covers the whole country: brand new luxury cars, buildings redolent with age, extraordinary atmosphere. Monaco brings to mind the life sentiment of riches and luxury. As a result of the top quality materials, professional craftsmanship, extra functions and the unique design our latest luxury outdoors sauna house follows this spirit.


The Luxury sauna house is becoming more often a functional and architectonic feature of premium class family houses with wellness gardens offering beautiful vista. The reason is that they have everything in one spot that makes the enjoyment of a sauna perfect and provide a luxury feeling. Our clients like when being in the sauna can really be a seance providing a full recreation with interwoven bathing, relax and amusement events. The luxury sauna house is a place where you can spend an entire day together with your family and friends.


We created our latest outdoor luxury sauna house with the needs of our premium customers in mind. This combined sauna house is a building that meets all luxury requirements. It contains infra sauna, Finnish sauna, steam sauna and Himalayan salt therapy. Besides the primary sauna experiences this sauna house is also equipped with a shower, changing room, relax area, kitchen, dining room, Smart TV, imitation fireplace, shading technology and mobile sliding glass doors.


Imagine the jewel of your garden as a complex solution where the functions of the combined luxury sauna meet the comfort of your home. Upon entering the sauna house you are welcomed in a spacious panoramic terrace. Before being absorbed in the regenerating experience of sauna use, you can comfortably prepare yourself in the changing room that has a built in wardrobe and shower made special by the starry skyline atmosphere.


Lighting is very much emphasized in this outdoor sauna building as a means for striving for perfection that is also apparent in the sauna chamber itself. The orange tone of the Himalayan salt wall containing 84 minerals beautifully fuses with the soft LED lighting under the benching. The fire play of the imitation fireplace is a relaxing experience itself and even more so if we can enjoy it while having a sauna bath. Hidden lights, soft light effects, as well as the imitation fire place all contribute to the perfect relaxation and the experience of luxury.


The built in Smart TV is a really unique feature of the sauna house, which besides enjoying the sauna allows for using the internet, reading your emails or even having a meeting. The Smart TV is a TV set equipped with internet functions. You can download movies, music, hold web conferences, use Skype, look at family photos, download and run games. It can be a tool for your work, for entertainment or for providing the children activities.


The kitchen equipped with mini refrigerator is directly connected to the terrace that is suitable for a family gathering or a friendly party. You do not need to enter the house between sauna seances since you can serve refreshments, wash fruits or make cocktails right after stepping out of the sauna. Everyone can be seated comfortably in the spacious dining room and relax area.


This luxury sauna house can be a perfect complement to houses whose owners like quality materials, unique, stylish appearance and all the elements of relaxing comfort. Who enjoy social life, wish to invite family and friends in their home, giving them all the wellness experience as a present.



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