Wellness sauna house Valencia
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Wellness sauna house with relax terrace
Luxury sauna house with combined sauna
Finnish sauna, infrared sauna in one
Combined sauna with Himalayan salt
Garden sauna house manufacture
  • Wellness sauna house with relax terrace
  • Luxury sauna house with combined sauna
  • Finnish sauna, infrared sauna in one
  • Combined sauna with Himalayan salt
  • Garden sauna house manufacture

Wellness sauna house with relaxation terrace

For those who would like to experience the feeling when you can enjoy the comfort of infra and Finnish sauna combined with salt therapy directly in your own garden.


Those who like to take delight in the beauty of the environment stepping out of the sauna can relax in a panoramic terrace room separated with mobile glass partitions.

Wellness sauna house with experience of high quality relaxation

Valencia is the city of arts and science. iSauna Design is the artist of saunas. We design and build each and every sauna as a special creation. This is how the Valencia luxury family sauna house was created where the combination of arts and the luxury life sentiment are the two main elements of refined quality.


This outdoor sauna house is a real life sentiment. The feeling of comfort, luxury and health. The sensation that we can enjoy all the luxury provided by the combined sauna house any time in our garden.


Individual sauna design and functionality:


The uniqueness of this sauna house is provided by the linear, clear-cut appearance, the extra large glass surfaces that can suit the weather or our mood, the covered relaxing area and uniqueness of the lights used. This outdoor combined sauna has been built together with a relaxation terrace that meets all requirements and this is how it provides the perfect luxury feeling to its owner.


The combined luxury sauna includes deep therapy infra sauna, traditional Finnish sauna and Himalayan salt therapy. Because of its size, four people can enjoy the infra sauna comfortably and a maximum of eight people can use the Finnish sauna. The unique benching of minimalist design fits perfectly in the style of the luxury sauna house. All its elements are consciously designed, further boosting the quality of the sauna house and its surroundings with its details.


A unique jewel of the luxury sauna house is the Finnish sauna stove surrounded by Himalayan salt bricks that does not only heat up the space of the sauna but multiplies the positive physiological effects of the Himalayan salt bricks. The lit through Himalayan salt brick walls contain 84 different materials and create a very clean micro climate inside the sauna while relaxing our bodies with their orange tone.


The uniqueness of the outdoor luxury sauna house is provided by the lights. The atmosphere of the sauna is created by background LED lighting coming out from the back-rest and elevated floor boards as well as by the starry sky built in the ceiling. The warm colours filtering though the fibres of the benching of minimalist design and the lights of the starry sky make the sauna experience more exciting and memorable.


A unique feature of the sauna house is the shadable relaxation terrace that is surrounded by convertible glass walls and is equipped with a smart TV and imitation fireplace. Looking at the light play of the imitation fireplace from the relaxation area or the sauna makes one forget the problems of the day. The Smart TV is a TV set equipped with internet functions. You may use it to finish your work, listen to music, watching a movie or scroll through the family photo album.


This luxury sauna house equipped with covered-opened relaxation terrace and a special combined sauna provides real premium sensation for its user. Use it with your family and friends and enjoy the sensation of exclusivity that satisfies all needs.



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