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Outdoor sauna De Lux
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Classic style outdoor sauna
Finnish sauna and infrared sauna in one
Outdoor sauna with HImalayan salt therapy
Outdoor sauna plan and production
Outdoor combined sauna
  • Classic style outdoor sauna
  • Finnish sauna and infrared sauna in one
  • Outdoor sauna with HImalayan salt therapy
  • Outdoor sauna plan and production
  • Outdoor combined sauna

Traditional outdoor sauna

Nowadays the classic traditional style still can be found but in a modernized way. The De Lux outdoor sauna holds the notes of elegance, simmetry and proportionality. The mood in this sauna house reflects peace and family atmosphere.


Thanks to the classic sauna style this sauna house is recommended for intimate gardens, terraces where the classic forms are dominating.

Handcrafted outdoor garden sauna based on unique concepts

When it comes to the design of an outdoor garden sauna, everyone has their own concepts.
If you have ever dreamt of a cosy outdoor combined sauna in your garden the veining of which perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding nature and environment, then De Lux Garden outdoor garden sauna might just be your perfect choice.

De Lux Garden outdoor sauna makes a comfortable place for a group of 4 to 6.

We have created this outdoor combined sauna with the aim to let aesthetics, comfort and functionality meet in perfect harmony in your garden.
The results is perfect. On the aesthetics side, we used half-round glass panels and special finishing. In terms of comfort, we opted for a multi-storey wide bench structure. Finally, we managed to combine the benefits of Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam sauna and Himalayan salt wall into a single space to make this outdoor sauna cabin extremely practical and functional.

One of the great thinks about an outdoor garden sauna is that whenever you come out, you can dive in the pool in the summer or roll in the fresh snow in the winter. This garden sauna has a truly unique and incredible atmosphere.

De Lux Garden combined outdoor sauna is a perfect choice for sauna sessions with friends and family.
If you have your own ideas about an outdoor sauna, contact us for free-of-charge 3D visuals.

You are more than welcome at any of iSauna showrooms in Dunaszeg and Törökbálint (all in Hungary).



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