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Outdoor combined sauna De Lux Premium
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Outdoor premium sauna with bar counter
Classic sauna house building
Outdoor sauna with Himalayan salt
Family sauna house
Infrared and finnish sauna in one
  • Outdoor premium sauna with bar counter
  • Classic sauna house building
  • Outdoor sauna with Himalayan salt
  • Family sauna house
  • Infrared and finnish sauna in one

Classic sauna house with bar counter

For the lovers of classic design who would like to take the comfort out to the nature. The sauna house has a custom-made bar counter providing a stylish setting for cocktail or beer parties.

The features of the four-in-one sauna house (Finnish sauna, infra sauna, Himalayan salt therapy, light therapy) can be also remotely controlled from a smartphone.

Traditional Design Sauna House with a Special Bar Counter

Having a sauna bath gives you the genuine Finnish feeling, the proximity of nature and comfort. The De Luxe Premium outdoor sauna provides you and your family with all these features in your own garden. The first class Finnish wooden material and the original Finnish sauna oven Harvia bring you closer to the nature, the interior design and the high-standard outer design guarantee the comfort.


Having a sauna is a life style. It is a ritual in which one gets closer to the nature, takes time for his/her body and soul. Based on medical research and experience of many centuries the regular use of sauna has proven to improve fitness, makes the skin tight and provides both physical and mental refreshment.


Everybody likes to take a sauna. However not everybody takes a sauna the same way. There are some who love the Finnish sauna and others are fond of the infra sauna. Some take sauna lying, others feel comfortable having sauna sitting. There are people who can relax listening to music, others enjoy the silence of nature. The iSauna outdoor sauna or sauna house suits everybody, all members of the family can enjoy the sauna experience good for them.


There is no reason to hide your sauna in the house, to make a special room for it. You can build in all indoor sauna features into a combined outdoor sauna house, all you have to consider in addition are the ambient temperature and natural elements.


We can build a Finnish sauna, combined outdoor sauna or complete sauna house virtually anywhere as requested by our clients but, taking into consideration , of course, the technical and technological characteristics of the site.


Our premium category saunas and sauna houses are custom- designed and built. With a custom design we bring you the sauna benefits in a form of a garden sauna in a modern setting and design.


In case of De Luxe Premium outdoor sauna you can expect the highest quality and stylish design. In this exclusive outdoor sauna you can enjoy all benefits of infra sauna and Finnish sauna, while the musical setting, the built-in wine cooler, the design of bar counter, DVD player and LCD TV set all serve your comfort.



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